EVERNOTE SUNDAY #1: Keep & organise recipes

Evernote Sunday #1-Keep and Organise Recipes
We’ve introduced you to Evernote last week, a free software that helps remember and keep all your ideas, projects and documents using computers, phones and tablets.

Today we share how we use Evernote to keep and organise all our recipes. Having all our favourite recipes stored in one place and digitally enables us to look for a recipe easily.


Evernote, a software for computer, phones and tablets like iPad

These are some of the ways we use to keep and organise our recipes:

1. Create different cook books under one main folder
In libraries or bookstores, cookbooks are placed at the cooking section for easy browsing. We do the same with our digital cookbooks in Evernote.

We create different notebooks such as ‘Family Recipes’, ‘Indian Recipes’ and ‘Internet Recipes’. Then, we put them all under one umbrella folder (or stack)

We like to create a notebook from the source of the recipes e.g from family, the internet or restaurants. It can also be organised according to the type of cuisine e.g Indian or Health.


Different cookbooks under a main folder, ‘Recipe’



2. Create tags for easy searching
What do you do when you want to make that chocolate dessert you’ve seen somewhere? You try to figure out which cookbook it was (or it could be from the internet?) and flip through the pages. In Evernote, you need only search for it at the search bar.


Tags enable you to look for recipes easily (e.g soup)

What we like to do is to have useful tags on each recipe. For recipes, we frequently use tags like ‘Dessert’, ‘Drinks’, ‘Seafood’, ‘Cocktail’, ‘Mocktail’, ‘Alcoholic’ and ‘Soup’. When you feel like making some soup, just search in the tag and all soup recipes will appear.


A simple search for ‘soup’ at the search bar reveal all soup recipes


3. Name recipes by categories/tag
When naming each recipe, we like to begin it with a category in capital letters and followed by the specific recipe. For example when naming ‘Mushroom soup’, it will be ‘SOUP: Mushroom Soup’

We feel that it makes the notebooks much neater and organised. When we browse through ‘Family Recipes’ notebook, all ‘Soups’ recipes are arranged together.evernote6

Naming a recipe first with a category makes a notebook neater hence easier to browse.

Do you use Evernote to keep your recipes? If you do, share with us your tips and tricks to keep them organised!

*Every Sunday, we share with you how to use Evernote to organise your life to save time.




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