Easy way to spruce up your walls: wallstickers

Are you looking for ways to decorate your bare walls? We’ve suggested 10 creative ways to dress up your barewalls with things like shopping bags and maps. This time, we’ve found an easier way which: using wall stickers.

There are an array of patterns that are inspired by nature. Here are ten of our favourite from My Home Ideas Shop.

1. Sakura and birds
A piece of art of a potrait normally occupies the wall behind a sofa. Consider having a sakura tree which come with some birds.
JewelPie: wall stickers

2. Dart board
This dartboard sticker adds a touch of playfulness and boyish quality into a home.
JewelPie: wall stickers

3. Chandelier
If you don’t want to get a real one, you can consider getting a sticker instead.

JewelPIe: Wall stickers

4. Tree with red flowers
Striking wall stickers that is great to brighten up any bare walls.

JewelPie: wall stickers

5. Tulip garden
Doesn’t these stickers on the window creates an illusion of a tulip garden?
JewelPie: wall stickers


6. Branches, tree and cage
This wall stickers invokes feeling of happiness. We can imagine flowers blooming and birds chirping. Sigh!

JewelPie: wall stickers


7. Dandelion
This sticker of a dandelion adds a dreamy quality to a bedroom.

JewelPie: wall stickers

8. Giant rose
Who would have thought that a wall, instead of a piece of furniture, can be a statement piece?

JewelPie: wall stickers


9. Cherry blossom
This is our favourite: blossoming cherry blossoms. It’ll fit well in a girl’s room.

JewelPie: wall stickers

10. Flowers and butterlies
If you like flowers but cannot upkeep real ones, consider getting flower stickers. They look beautiful behind photo frames.

JewelPIe: Wall stickers

Would you consider wall stickers for your walls? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Image credit: Home Ideas Shop

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