3 fruits you can eat with a spoon

I always think of ways to incorporate more fruits into my diet. As I have a hectic schedule, eating fruits must be a quick and easy task. I would normally buy bananas and berries; I can just peel or pop bite-size berries into my mouth between work. After getting bored of eating the same fruits, I became creative and new ways to eat other fruits in three simple steps: half, scoop, eat!

Half, Scoop, Eat- Jewelpie

There are many ways of peeling a kiwis. You could use the conventional way of remove the skin with a peeler and then slice them into pieces. My favorite method is the fastest and simplest: just cut it into half and scoop!

Kiwi- JewelPie

I love the exotic dragon fruit, especially the rarer species with purple flesh. Cutting it can be a mess; everything it touches turns pink! The easiest way? Cut it into half, treat the skin like paper cups and scoop it like ice-cream!

Dragonfruit- JewelPie

My grievance with watermelon is it heavy and the tough shell makes it difficult to cut. So I  found an easy way to do it 1) Choose the smallest watermelon (seedless preferably) 2) Use the biggest knife you have and cut it into half 3) Dig in with a spoon and share with your favourite person!

Watermelon- JewelPie

Isn’t that easy? Now get a knife and spoon to dig in these healthy snacks! 

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