DIY paper bunting for any party

As buntings are often seen at carnivals, it instantly adds an air of festivity to any party. We have previously made a mini bunting using bamboo skewers and coloured tapes. This time, we made a bigger one for a house party.

DIY paper bunting

> coloured paper
> string/  yarn
> scissors
> glue
> pencil
> ruler

Step-by-step tutorial

DIY paper bunting

  1. Cut string into desired length. Remember to allow a few more inches to allow it to be pasted on the wall or tied to something.
  2. With a pencil and ruler, draw triangles with extra space on top. (Graphic provided below)
  3. Cut coloured into triangles.
  4. Paste the cut-out triangles onto the string with a bottle of glue.


paper bunting

Do you have any idea how else to decorate the house for a party? Tell us!

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