DIY: Pandan & Basil Perfume Bag As Natural Cockroach Repellent

I have a cousin who is so afraid of cockroaches that it borderline to katsaridaphobia. She would go out of her way to avoid encountering those hideous brown pest. Recently, I found that she keeps bags of basil leaves in her car and she gave assurance that it had help her ward of cockroaches.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any definitive study to prove that it works. What I did find was a study by National University of Singapore, “Pandan Leaves as a Natural Cockroach Repellent”.
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How pandan leaves is useful to ward of cockroaches
The study mentioned that cab drivers in Malaysia and Singapore keep pandan leaves in their car to drive away cockroaches.

I decided to heed both of the advise to make a natural cockroach repellent using basil and pandan leaves.

If you often eat and drink in your car, do try this simple craft. Not only it’ll potentially keep your car pest-free, it’ll also makes it smell wonderful.
basil pandan pack1
Pandan leaves
Tea tree oil (optional)
Bag sachets

basil pandan pack4


  1. Tear pandan into vertisal strips and cut them into small pieces.
  2. Pluck basil leaves from the stem, tear and bruise it. (Cutting and bruising the leaves will release essential oil that is repulsive to pest)
  3. Place it in a bag made of breathable material such as organza.

basil pandan pack5basil pandan pack8basil pandan pack10basil pandan pack15


  • Replace the herbs frequently as the plant emits less chemical that is repulsive to pests after a while.
  • Put the bags around the house e.g under the bed, in the kitchen cabinet, etc.
  • Make a few more packets and giveaway to family or friends who cannot stand the sight of cockroaches. They’ll love you!
  • If you have extra pandan leaves, find out the 5 other ways you can use them.

basil pandan pack19

Are you afraid of cockroaches? Try it and let us know if it works! 

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