DIY Oyster candle decor

Fresh oysters are standard appetiser for our family when we eat out. Though we have always admired the pretty shells, it has never occurred to us to take the shells home. That is not we needed some for our beach themed party. As we couldn’t get our hands on seashells, we thought oyster shells will make a great alternative!

oyster candle

A famous Hong Kong Youtube personality, BeautyQQ, shared a video on making DIY oyster shells candle holder. Although pretty, it requires a glue gun which most of us do not have. So we thought of using the oyster shells as a cover over a standard glass candle holder which we got from IKEA. If you don’t have them, you can use empty glass bottles made for storing food.

oyster candle

> Oyster shells
> Glass candle holder
> Candles
oyster candle

Wash and scrub oyster shells thoroughly with a toothbrush to remove dirt and smell. We suggest that you order fresh oyster instead of baked oyster with cheese. The latter is more difficult to clean. Light a candle and put into the candle holder. Simply place a huge oyster shell on top of the holders. Not all oyster shells are suitable to do that. Pick big and flat ones.

oyster candles

We were so happy with he results. At our beach party in which we made pufferfish fruit platter and prawn cocktail, these oyster candles adds to the ambience.
oyster candle

Do you light candles at home?

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