DIY moustache nails

Moustache seems to be a popular design for accessories. It’s on props for a photobooth, mugs, shoes, t-shirts, notebooks and other things. If you’re into the masculine craze, you might like to try this DIY moustache nails.
diy moustache nails



> White nail polish
> Black Acrylic colour
> Fine tip paint brush


moustache nails

1. Apply two coats of base colour. With a fine brush, draw three dots on your nail.
2. Connect the dots with curves to form the base outline of the moustache.
3. Then, connect the dots with an arch as the top outline of the moustache.
4. Now, you will have a shape of a moustache on your nail. Filled the blank with black arcylic colour.
moustache nails
  • If you don’t have a brush, you can also use a dotting tool or a ball point pen to form the outlines. See how here.
  • Acrylic colour can be replaced with a black nail polish

You don’t necessarily have to create a black moustache. It can be pink, blue, yellow or any colour you fancy. Be creative!

How do you like it?

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