DIY INSTANT NOODLES: Miso Seaweed Mihun (3 ingredients)

After writing ‘Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes’ a common question I get is “Do you cook everyday?”. The answer is “Almost everyday”. I will have homecooked food if I don’t have meetings, attend events, travel and treat my Mom for dinner.

I have homecooked food by default. I wouldn’t go to a nearby mamak to have mee mamak just because I don’t feel like cooking. When I don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, I’ll whipped up a simple but nutritious meal. It could be a simple 2 minutes egg sandwich or a 5 minutes homemade instant noodles.

diy instant noodles jewelpie

I know that Malaysians really love their instant noodles! My attempt to replicate Maggi Curry Noodles was a hit. However, one complain is that it takes too much time. So I came up with something simpler. The basic includes miso, ikan bilis powder and rice noodles. It’s not too much an effort to put this together.

instant noodles jewelpie

Rice noodles (bihun) x 1
Miso x 1 tbsp
Ikan bilis powder x 2 tsp (recipe)

Water x 1.5 cup
Salt x 1 tsp
Dried seaweed (optional) x 1 tsp
Fried shallots (optional) x 1 tbsp

Glass jar with lid
Electric kettle

diy instant noodles miso jewelpie


  1. Place miso, ikan bilis powder and salt into the jar.
  2. Put noodles in it.
  3. Put whatever ingredients you like e.g fried shallots, spring onions, tofu, etc.
  4. Pour hot water into the glass jar and close the lid to let it cook.
  5. Enjoy your healthy instant noodles!

diy instant noodles 2


  • If it’s too bland for you; add some chili flakes, chopped chili or spicy sauce. I usually add a teaspoon of korean chili paste (gochujang) at step 1.
  • If you order delivery pizza, keep those packet chili flakes to spice things up.
  • If you don’t want to make ikan bilis powder, buy miso with dashi in it.
  • Do put more fresh ingredients in it. I like it with tofu, kimchi and/or an egg.
  • The soup is not too salty which means you can drink it all up. Though do note that sodium content for miso is considered high.

diy instant noodles 1

What’s your favourite instant noodles?

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