Depressed? Food that helps make you feel better

Life is such that it does not always go our way. When we are unable to handle all the things thrown to us, we might feel overwhelmed, anxious and unhappy. While it’s normal to feel down, prolong sadness can lead to depression. According to Jojo Struy’s book, Guide To Wellness, these food can help you feel better.


1. Fruits
Fruits that boost serotonin such as bananas, dates and papaya. Try out banana cinnamon toast for breakfast. banana cinnamon toast

2. Food rich in omega-3 fatty acid
Food rich in omega-3 fatty acid contains EPA and DHA which can give you mood a strong boost. Wild salmon, rainbow trout, herring mackerel, anchovies and sardines are good sources of the fatty acid. You can also take cold water fish oil supplement. Learn how to make fried ikan bilis in 3 minutes.Fried Ikan Bilis - JewelPie

3. Food rich in magnesium
Best sources of magnesium includes leafy vegetables, whole grains (e.g oats or quinoa), nuts and seeds (e.g cashew nut and sunflower seeds). You can get them from such as Lohas, Little Green Planet and Alive. Check out a list of health food stores in Malaysia.

Nuts, seeds and grains.

4.  Food rich in vitamin B
Eat lean meat and egg. Do not discard the egg-yolk which is rich is vitamin B. Check out 10 interesting breakfast featuring eggs.


(source: Jojo Struy’s Guide To Wellness, page 103)

If you’re feeling down, we hope you’ll feel better. We want you to know that you can do something about it. Good luck!


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