BOOK: Cooking With Kids by Abang Brian

I collect cookbooks. They are mostly of cuisines from different parts of the world, history of food and the science of culinary arts. This is my first cookbook concerning kids with big and colourful fonts, food shaped into cartoons and detailed instructions.

Cooking With Kids by Abang Brian
Cooking With Kids by Abang Brian

This book contains recipes that can be prepared by kids. Recipes are divided to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. They recipes are not only easy to make, but well-presented. We loved how sweet potatoes are turned into rats! Abang Brian gives practical tips and warnings that adults might overlook such as ‘if eggs are cracked or dirty, don’t use them’.

Kitchen Do's and Don'ts
Kitchen Do’s and Don’ts

After working as an internal auditor for quite a while, Brian began to reconsider his lifestyle and career choices. Finding more meaning in cooking and helping children, he eventually joined the Young Chefs Academy Malaysia (YCA), which aims to develop children, from ages three to seventeen, through lessons in such topics as food and cooking – and became a partner in the business.

Now, the author of two cookbooks and host of his TV show about cooking for kids, comes Cooking with Kids, a cookbook designed for kids who are keen to learn how to handle and prepare food in the kitchen.

Sweet potatoes are turned into rats!
Sweet potatoes are turned into rats!


  1. Tuna and corn sweet potato jacket (Recipe)
  2. Spaghetti and meat balls
  3. Chewy Popcorn Balls

Breakfast parfait

1. Which is the easiest recipe?
The easiest recipe is the breakfast parfait, as it’s more of an assembling non-cook recipe

2. Do you have tips to make cooking easy for kids and adults. Any hacks?
Plan for success. Acknowledge the level of which you and your kids can cook. Then plan accordingly to allow yourself time to accomplish dishes within acceptable timing. Most people get stressed up because they set expectations too high and then get disappointed and quit half way. Another big advice, CHILL – it’s just cooking. Most people are so fearful they forget to enjoy the journey of making a dish.

Spaghetti and meat balls

3. How to convince kids to learn to cook?
My approach to cooking has always been to share the joy and values of cooking which includes equipping kids with the ability to find for themselves. Feeding oneself is only one of the most basic needs in the hierarchy of natural human need.

I also share with them what opportunities lies in the kitchen and food in allowing children to play and also develop them in areas of health, confidence, science, math, arts and culture. All of which you can find through the book where every recipe is accompanied by an activity

This is the perfect book for kids who show interest in cooking as it provides basic guidelines and simple recipes. If you’re a guardians who wants to encourage kids to cook and eat home-cooked food, you will find many ideas in this book.

Tuna and corn sweet potato jacket

Get a copy at major bookstores such as MPH at RM 39.90.

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