Kitchen Hacks: Oyster Sauce in Squeeze Bottle

At JewelPie, we always seek to improve the way we normally work in the kitchen to make the cooking process smoother. We find out life hacks and make small changes that makes a big difference to our workflow.

Oyster Sauce In Squeeze Bottle

One of the thing that annoys us in the kitchen is pouring oyster sauce. It takes a lot of shaking before a dollop of oyster sauce comes out. Not to mention the glass bottle is rather heavy. So we like to decant it into a squeeze bottle. We label it too so that everybody in the house would know what it is.

Oyster Sauce In Squeeze Bottle

> Oyster sauce
> Squeeze bottle
> Masking Tape
> Marker
> Scissors

Oyster Sauce In Squeeze Bottle

We simply pour the sauce into a squeeze bottle and label it with a masking tape. It saves you a lot of time and spare your from frustration every time you cook. We like how we can control the amount of oyster sauce we want and that it is much lighter.

Note that it’s quite impossible to empty the bottle. So use the bottle of oyster sauce in glass first. To reduce waste, put a little water in the bottle, swirled it and use the diluted oyster sauce.

What annoys you in the kitchen? Let us know!   

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