COOK FASTER: 5 peeled or washed fresh produce

More often than not, what put us off cooking a meal is the preparation involves i.e peeling shallots and washing vegetables. If this has stopped you from making healthy homecooked food, why not buy peeled or washed fresh produce. Supermarkets nowadays understand that working adults like us are strapped for time and introduced produce that are ready to put in the wok with little to no effort.

1. Petai


2. Onions

peeled red onions

3. Shallots

peeled small shallots

4. Salad


5. Cut and peeled carrots

cut and peeled baby carrots

In Malaysian Meas in 30 minutes, I’ve mentioned that we like peeling common ingredients like garlic and shallots to keep in a container. Do it while you’re watching TV. Otherwise, you can pay a little more to buy them already peeled.

What is stopping you from going into the kitchen?

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