3 Asian ingredients to peel, chop & keep in the fridge

Cook Faster

Cooking can be made a lot faster if we have common ingredients prepared. A good idea is to peel and chop ingredients required in everyday cooking and keep them in a container. These are some of the basic ingredients we use a lot.

1. Spring onions
Chopped spring onions is very versatile. It complements miso soup, porridge, fish and looks wonderful when top in many asian dishes.

2. Garlic
Are you sometimes demotivated to cook by the mere idea of peeling garlic? Peel them before hand while you’re doing something that doesn’t require thinking e.g watching TV.

3. Ginger
Keep a few knobs of peeled ginger in a container. Have some of them slices and chuck them in stir-fry vegetables, ginger tea or when cooking rice.Asian Ingredients

Do you keep any other cooking ingredients in the fridge?

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