Not into Food, Beauty or the Home as much as traveling the world? Our last giveaway is for our fit readers who loves to go on adventures.

No matter how busy, she’ll try to sneak in some time to workout.  She don’t mind waking up before dawn to join a marathon or hit the gym after a long day at work. When she travels, she soak in local culture and jot down notes of the wonderful things she saw.

We’ve curated a few of our favourite items to improve your fitness and enhance your adventures:



1. Traveller Notebook from Sojourner
Sojourner, a local online store, is all about traveling in style and comfort. We love it’s exquisite Traveller Notebook made for the avid traveller. The cover is constructed from genuine soft leather; it ages beautifully with marks from your adventures. The set that we have for your contains a brass pen holder, card holder with zipper pouch, a notebook refill and a charm.
Sojourner RM 79

2. Double-sided Yoga Mat
A functional, eco-friendly and stylish mat. The high-grade mats are 6mm in thickness which gives extra support and cushioning and is extra long. Made from Thermo Plastic Elastomer, this mat is fully recyclable. We love that it has two different colour at each side; it’s as though you have two exercise mats!
Kulimkia RM 159.90

3.  Jet Set by Aesop
Bath in first class bodycare with Aesop’s small and portable Jet Set Kit. It contains shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser and body lotion. They’ll make you feel fresh and scented throughout your journey.
Aesop  119.90

4. Guide to Fitness For Busy People
A fitness book for those who think they are too busy to exercise. Lyn Kong is a certified CrossFit trainer and fitness coach with more than 15 years of fitness training experience identify the right exercise and training programmes. It is filled with facts, tips and instructions on how to incorporate fitness into a busy schedule.
MPH RM 39.90

JewelPie Fit Traveller


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Good luck!

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