Christmas Cake Pops Tutorial (5 ingredients)

This December, Chewies Delight received plenty of requests to make cake pops for Christmas events. Basically, cake pops are cake balls attached to lollipop sticks. I thought of making cake pops in form of things like snowman, Christmas tree and baubles! While some of these designs require a lot of patience and skills, it is not difficult to make basic, Christmas-themed cake pops.


> Moist chocolate cake
> Melted white chocolate
> Coloured sugar
> Lollipop sticks
> Sugar confetti

Recipe and step-by-step photo tutorial:

christmas cake pops

  1. Bake or buy a big piece of moist cake and crush it into crumbs.
  2. With your hands, roll cake crumbs into a ball. Apply some pressure to tighten the cake crumbs. Place in freezer for 5 minutes. If cake crumb is too dry to form cake ball, add some whipping cream or buttercream.
  3. Prepare a bowl of melted chocolate and dip the end of a lollipop stick into it.
  4. Attach lollipop stick into cake ball and push the chocolate-covered end of the stick into the middle of the cake ball.
  5. Dip cake ball into the melted chocolate until it touches the stick. Allow excess chocolate to drip by gently tapping side of the bowl.
  6. Roll the cake pop in a bowl of coloured sugar. Remember to do it quickly before the chocolate on the cake pop hardens. Stick on a Christmas Tree sugar confetti with a dot of chocolate (the chocolate acts as glue to hold the confetti).

Cake pops

Cake pops are incredibly flexible and can make made into all sorts of shapes and designs.

  • Baubles – Baubles are decorated with coloured sugar which gives a shimmering effect. The hook is shaped with fondant.
  • Gift box with ribbons – Cake pops  are shaped into squares and the ribbons are drawn using coloured chocolate.
  • Snowman – This snowman is made of two cake balls of different sizes.
  • Christmas tree and Santa hat – Both of the Christmas tree and Santa hat are shaped into cones and decorated with coloured sugar, sprinkles, and fondant.

Christmas Cake Pops


  • You can get lollipop sticks at better baking supplies store. If you cannot find any, substitute with satay sticks.

Have you tried making cake pops?

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