Fresh Chicken Delivery in KL (to get you through this MCO) – Updated

Since the MCO was announced, my family had not stepped into the wet market where we usually get our fresh kampung (free-range) chicken. While it’s possible to get it from online supermarkets, we have to wait for way too long.

That led me to personally contact independent chicken suppliers. They deliver chicken (eggs and more) straight to your doorsteps even at MCO.

I’ve ordered heaps of chicken from one of them as I needed quite a lot to cook for frontliners in our #nourishMYmedics project. It’s rather reliable, I got properly packed chicken sent to my home the next day. 


This supplier is base in Pudu. As compared to the suppliers below, it’s more commercialised in the sense that they also supply frozen chicken and other meat like beef, lamb, and duck.



On top of regular free-range, this farm in Semenyih also supplies unique breed of chicken like Wen Chang chicken. Vegetables grown in their farm such as ginger and sweet potato is also available, and sold in sets e.g

[Signature经典 Set A- RM210]
1 Wen Chang Chicken🐓 文昌公鸡 ~1kg
1 Kampung chicken🐓 甘榜鸡 ~ 1kg
30 Guinea Fowl Eggs🥚 珍珠鸡蛋
2 Pure Mulberry Juice 500ml 桑果汁
2 Goat Milk 500ml 🐐🥛羊奶
1kg Anggun Purple Sweet Potato🍠 紫薯
2kg Maduka Orange Sweet Potato🍠 橙薯
1 portion Mixed vegetables/fruits


3. GOOD 4 U

This company offers grass-fed and free range chicken that are grown for 80 days.



This farm in Ulu Yam supplies free-range chicken. At the moment of writing, they delivery is full until end of April.

Website: Facebook/Chicken-Vege-Farm


For those who are used to buying from Lazada, you’ll be pleased to know that Lazada has started selling fresh chicken too.

Website: Lazada

If you know of other reliable chicken supplier, please let me know!

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