Buttery Brown Bread French Toast (4 ingredients, 10 minutes)

Weekends are days we stay in bed for a while longer. It’s a day we pamper ourselves with a slow, lavish brunch with family. However, we still like our first meal of the day to be on the table fast. An ideal recipe, using my family favourite ingredients (butter and egg), is the traditional French toast.

french toast

At JewelPie, we try to substitute refined food such as white bread with wholegrain alternative. Our French toast is made from wholemeal bread which is richer in nutrient. We are also proponent of using real food. Naturally, butter is picked over its imitation, margarine.

french toast

> Egg, whisked…………………………..2
> Bread, cut into triangles…………..4 slices
> Butter
> Sugar


  1. Break egg into a large bowl and whisk. Add a teaspoon of sugar.
  2. In a pan, melt butter.
  3. Dip bread into a bowl and pan fry each side until it turns golden brown.

french toast

We like to cut it into smaller pieces for the ease of eating. To make it even more delicious, spread peanut butter between the bread. Serve with warm milk or tea.

french toast What is your favourite recipe for brunch? Tell us!


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