How to build a basic manicure kit

Every woman should have a personal manicure kit. It contains everything she needs when she wants to trim or paint her nails. This weekend at JewelPie, we will share with you how to put together a basic manicure kit.


After reading ‘Rescue nails’ by celebrity nail aesthetician and doing some research, we came up with the best and bare minimum tools for a professional home manicure and pedicure.

JewelPie's Nail Kit

1. Tool box, two layer and with compartments (You can get it from beauty or hardware store)
2. Metal foot file
3. Buffer
4. Metal cuticle pusher
5. Nail polish remover
6. Cream
7. Buffing block
8. Metal toenail clipper
9. Metal nail clipper
10. Metal nail file
11. Cuticle scissors
12. Cotton bud, preferably pointed
13. Cotton pad

(Tips: always buy metal tools so that you can sterilize them).


Do you have a manicure kit? Will you put-together one? Let us know at the comment box below!

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