Brownie in a mug (2 minutes!)

Sweet And SimpleWe always believe that anybody can create delicious desserts. No fancy appliances, great skills or even a lot of time are needed. Case in point: 2 minutes brownie!Brownie in Mug- JewelPie

We’ve found a recipe from  Instructables and adapted it to our taste. All you need to do is to mix in all the ingredients and pop it in the microwave. That’s it, really!
Brownie in Mug (2 minutes!)

> Flour x 1/4 cup
> Brown sugar x 1/4 cup
> Cocoa powder, unsweetened x 2 tbsp (We use VanHouten)
> Sunflower oil x 2 tbsp
> Milk x 2 tbsp
> Salt x 1 pinch

>Ice-cream (We use Baskin-Robbin’s Oreo cookies and cream)


Brownie In Mug

(1) In a microwave-safe mug, stir together the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, cocoa powder and salt) and (2) mix thoroughly.  (3, 4) Add in oil and milk. (5) Stir until you get a thick chocolate paste. (6) Put in a microwave for a minute.

Brownie in Mug- JewelPie

Brownie in Mug- JewelPie

We’ve tested this recipe a few times and found the above combination produce a brownie up to our taste. We think it’s best enjoy with a scoop of ice-cream. Glorious!

Brownie in Mug (2 minutes!)

This is one of our favourite recipe. Try it and show us how yours turn out!


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