A guide to a 4 days juice cleanse with Lifestyle Juicery


My weekly staple normally consists of toxic food such as instant noodles, deep-fried food at the mamak or pasar malam, soft drinks, and other unhealthy treats. I never take a moment to think about the consequences of eating unhealthy junks, until recently.

I thought I’d start by detoxing my body with Lifestyle Juicery. which specialises in raw cold pressed juices and juice cleanse programs. There are several cleansing programs to choose from, and I decided to start with a 4-day cleanse called 4 Day Silver, which includes six bottles of 500ml juices each day for four days, delivered in two batches.

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PRE-CLEANSE: What I did before going on a juice cleanse?
I received an email from Lifestyle Juicery on a guide to pre-cleanse. The pre-cleanse is recommended to ease your body into going on a juice cleanse. The guide turned out to be very useful for a newbie like me to kick-start a healthy eating (and living) habit. What I did during the pre-cleanse:
  • Reschedule my social outings The first thing I did was to reschedule my social outings. It’s always wise to avoid temptations like eating out at your favourite restaurant, if you could manage to.
  • Make healthy goals I put aside some free time to make a few goals relating to my health and lifestyle. This is important as it helps to keep you on track and not give in to temptations easily.
  • Weaning off food I started weaning myself off of my usual food intake, such as meat, processed food, salt, sugar, and caffeine. This is the hardest one for me.
  • Eat according to the recommended meals I eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and vegetable soup.
  • Staying hydradated I stayed hydrated every chance possible (proper hydration allows for a smoother clearance of toxins from your body)



I received the first batch of juices the night before my cleanse in a big box (delivery was right on time), which contains a starter guide (with expiry date stamped on it), a complimentary cooler bag and ice packs (for travelling convenience), and 12 bottles of juices with numbered caps, 1 to 6, for easy consumption.  The six flavours included in my cleanse were:

1. Seize The Day – carrot, orange, celery, pineapple, apple, parsley

2. Mean Green – kale, spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon, broccoli, ginger

3. Root For Red – beetroot, kale, carrot, apple, broccoli

4. The Green Factor – kale, spinach, cucumber, apple, lemon, pineapple, orange

5. Coconut Groove – coconut, cinnamon stick

6. Nuts Bout Nuts – almond, cashew, pecan, cinnamon, vanilla bean

I wasn’t sure how to take these juices so I contacted Erina. She advised me to drink each of them every two hour, starting from number 1 (six bottles per day). I also received an email from Lifestyle Juicery to prepare for the first day of cleanse, which includes a list of symptoms to expect while cleansing (such as headaches, fatigue, and extreme cravings) plus things to do on the first day of cleansing.

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Day 1
I’m pretty nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was also somewhat traumatised by store-bought raw juices that my Mom forced me to drink once (they tasted really bitter).

9 AM
  • 5 minutes prior to drinking Seize The Day, I drank a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice in it (this has an immediate alkalising and hydrating effect as it wakes up your digestive system)
  • I started drinking Seize The Day (surprisingly the juice tasted good, it’s neither too sweet nor bitter)
  • So far so good, I’m able to do my work as usual.


  • I started craving for food, and my head started to hurt
  • I drank mineral water to keep my mind off food before moving on to the next juice, Mean Green (luckily, the second juice was also drinkable)
  • Come noon, I started feeling snappy and low on energy


  • My head was throbbing. I also noticed how I keep going to the bathroom to pee
  • I had the third juice, Root For Red (this is my least favourite juice of them all because of the beetroot)
  • At this point my head hurt so much I had to lie down (I’d easily get a headache if I don’t eat on time)


  • Still having the headache, and I only got up to go to the bathroom to relieve myself.
  • I drank the fourth juice, The Green Factor.
  • My energy levels were deteriorating fast


  • I still had the headache, but by this time I was able to get up and do some light activity
  • I moved on to the next juice, Coconut Groove (the smell and the taste of it were soothing and refreshing, and it lifted my mood)
  • I got emotional seeing my family during tea time with yummy treats, so I retreated to my room


  • I’m finally on to my last juice of the day, Nuts Bout Nuts (it was the best juice I had the entire day due to its creaminess)
  • I decided to sleep early (at 8PM) to avoid the ‘pain’ of food cravings

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Day 2
I woke up feeling slightly better than yesterday, and my headache had eased a bit. I started with the first juice just like the day before. I’m able to do chores today, though I still feel extremely hungry, bloated and uncomfortable. I was on my fourth juice when the second batch of juices arrived (I’m also amazed at how I was able to carry the heavy box from the porch to the kitchen). I still keep running to the bathroom back and forth, and I started to feel queasy after my fifth juice. I assumed the queasiness was temporary so I shrugged it off.

Day 3
I still felt queasy, and it was as if I was about to vomit anytime. I got worried so I contacted Erina again. She reassured me that some people do get nausea from a cleanse, and that it was one of the detox symptoms. Erina suggested that I drink some peppermint or ginger tea. I continued to drink my juices, with a few glasses of warm water and ginger tea in between (and lots of trips to the bathroom).

Day 4
On my last day of cleanse, I could feel my body was a lot lighter, and I wasn’t as sluggish as I’d normally been in the morning, though the headache still lingered. My queasiness has gone, but I was seriously craving for coffee today. I also received an email on post cleanse guide. I did the juice routine as usual, and was feeling extremely proud of myself at the end of the day.

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As tempting as it was, I tried to stick to the guide to make the most of my cleansing experience. On the first day of post cleanse, I ate 2 mashed bananas for breakfast, Caesar salad and vegetable soup for lunch, and stir-fried broccoli for dinner. For the next several days, I gradually start to eat more solid food like porridge, brown rice, pasta, meat etc. until everything is back to normal.
 Thinking of going on a juice cleanse? These are some of the things to consider:
  • It is not for everyone. Juice cleansing is NOT for you if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, are diabetic, have kidney disease or nutritional deficiencies.
  • It might not be sustainable in losing/keeping weight. There’s a good chance you may lose the weight pretty fast, but unfortunately you can also gain it back if you don’t have the discipline to continue on a healthy diet.
  • It might be tough on the wallet The most affordable program starts at RM599, which can be pricey to many. However, it is probably a fair price to pay unless you invest in a slow juice and have all the time in the world and do the juicing yourself.


  • Helps in retaining your taste buds. If you rarely eat fruits and vegetables, juicing is good in helping you to adjust your diet.
  • Discipline in diet. You won’t give in easily to chips, sweets, carbs and other bad things now that juicing regulates your food intake.
  • Real sense of accomplishment. Going on a cleanse is no easy feat, but the feeling you get when you have succeeded in sticking it out until the very end is truly remarkable.


  • Make sure you don’t have any serious health condition.
  • Follow through all of the before, during and after cleanse guide.
  • Make sure you’re mentally and physically ready for the cleanse.
  • Have a good support system (let everyone around you know beforehand that you’re going on a juice cleanse to make your experience easier).

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To find a juice cleanse programme that is suitable for you, go to Lifestyle Juicery.

Note: The juice cleanse package was delivered to us for consideration.

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