Blue Flower Drink from Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort


Upon arriving at Hyatt Regency Phuket resort three months ago, the friendly staff welcomed us with a  refreshing local tea made from local flower. I was taken with the drink. It’s so blue; fitting for a local resort by the sea! If you follow JewelPie on Instagram, you might remember that I’ve asked for the recipe and promised to share it on JewelPie. So here it is!

blue drink - phuket hyatt resort

The drink is similar to ‘Ocean Water’ I made at our simple beach-themed party. It’s thicker hence deeper in colour and flavoured with lime and honey. As usual, JewelPie’s philosophy is simplifying things. So I decided to use a teapot with a strainer.

blue drink - hyatt regengy phuket resort

Butterfly pea flower, dried x 3 tbsp
Hot water x 3 cups

Teapot with strainer

blue drink - phuket hyatt resort 3


  1. Place flower in strainer
  2. Pour hot water into teapot and let it steep
  3. Pour cold or room temperature water into the teapot
  4. Remove strainer and flavour with honey and lime.

blue drink - phuket hyatt resort 5


  • I normally avoid buying honey from the supermarket if I can. As I love wild honey, I would normally get them in small bottles when I travel.
  • This particular honey that I use is from Poland and it turns the tea to red!
  • You can also flavour the tea with sugar or molasses.
  • I use 1 tbsp of dried butterfly pea flower to 1 cup of water. It turned rather dark purple. If you want a paler blue, put less flower.

blue drink - phuket hyatt resort 4

When I first had it in Phuket, it was served chilled. The resort probably made a huge bucket of tea and keep it in the fridge to chill. I personally prefer to have warm or hot drinks. Both ayurveda and traditional chinese medicine advocate drinking room temperature or warm water.

blue drink - hyatt regengy phuket resort 2

I like enjoying this on my own, on a relaxing weekend morning. A pretty blue drink, a plate or fruit and a good book make a lovely start to my day. You can prepare this simple, healthy and beautiful drink to welcome your guest. Next time, I’m going to have it chilled. Now, I’m thinking to host a spa party!

Do you like flower tea?

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