Homemade banana ice-cream in 3 minutes

It’s possible to make dairy-free and healthy ice-cream at home. The trick is using creamy fruits like banansa. Remember our peanut butter banana ice-cream?


Recently, we’ve found a machine that can turn any frozen fruit into ice-cream in mere minutes!


> Yonanas healthy dessert maker
> Frozen, overripe bananas with spots


  1. Remove skin of overripe bananas, put it in a ziplock bag and freeze it. Spotty bananas will create a sweeter ice-cream.
  2. Wait about a minute for the bananas to thaw. It’s ready when you can break it into half.
  3. Put frozen bananas into Yonanas machine and press it down with the chute.
  4. The blended bananas will come out in the consistency much like ice-cream.


This machine is quite impressive. Stay tune for a complete review of the machine in the coming weeks. Now, we look forward to use this machine for the next party! Our friends will be bringing berries and other condiments to create our own ice-cream. Follow us on instagram for updates.

Do you have a Yonanas machine or planning to get one?

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