Banana Cinnamon Toast (3 ingredients, 2 minutes)

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I wish I’m one of those person who feels motivated to prepare great meals every time. But the harsh reality is sometimes I just don’t have the mood to make anything at all. There were nights where I succumb to a packet of instant noodles because I am only willing to spend 10 minutes to tame my growling stomach (and feel horrible after that).

banana cinnamon toast

Then one day I decided that I have to get rid of my reliance to unhealthy, quick-fix food and stopped buying unhealthy snacks entirely.  When I have no instant noodles in the pantry and I’m still only willing to spend 10 minutes filling my stomach, I got creative. I realise there are plenty of quick and yummy snacks that can be made in minutes. Banana cinnamon toast is one of my favourite.

banana cinnamon toast

> Banana x 1
> Bread x 1 slice
> Cinnamon powder



  1. Toast a slice of bread with a toaster.
  2. Cut bananas directly onto the bread. This way, you don’t need to wash the chopping board.
  3. Sprinkle cinnamon powder onto the bananas.

To make it even faster, you can skip toasting the bread. However, I love warm, crunchy toast. Besides as banana is soft, having something harder to hold it makes it much easier to eat.

banana cinnamon toast

The sweet and spicy combination of bananas and cinnamon makes this toast amazingly addictive. Try it!

Have you tried putting bananas on toast?



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