You don’t need to go to the gym for a good workout. It can be done at home too. At JewelPie, we love yoga and spend at least 15 minutes daily to do simply stretching. If you plan to keep fit at home, here are some things that might help:fitness

1. Pink and White Polkadot Exercise Camisole
UNIQLO came up with their AIRism collection designed specially for active women. This cute camisole is made from stretchy material which fits snugly but not tightly to your body.
Available at UNIQLO. RM 39.90

2. Lounge Cropped Bottoms
Instead of uncomfortable tight pants, a cropped bottom might be more suitable for exercising at home. Not only it is stretchable, it is also made from ‘breathable fibre’ with outstanding moisture absorption.
Available at UNIQLO. RM 35.90

3. Guide To Fitness For Busy People by Lynn Kong
You might think you don’t have time to exercise? A local fitness instructor teach you how.
Available at Kulim Kia. RM 35.90

4. Yoga strap
Can’t touch your toes while doing a forward bend? Get a yoga strap. This 100% cotton strap allows for more grip and is easy to wash.
Available at Kulim Kia. RM 30

5. Yoga mat
A high quality yoga mat with different colours at both sides.
Available at Kulim Kia. RM 35.90

6. NIKE Fuel Band
A nifty device to measure your daily activities. As it’s water-resistant, you can wear it in the shower too.
Available at Lazada RM 739.

7. BROS Water bottle
Keep hydrated with a light, durable, sleek and stylish water bottle. BROS Alooart aluminium water bottles are made from 99.5% pure aluminium with food-grade Swiss-made liner. The bottle cap is made up of food-grade polypropylene (PP), which comes with handle for users to carry
Available at Lazada. RM 26.

8. Exercise Ball
Besides using it to exercise, it can be used as a chair to help improve your posture.
Lazada RM 60.

What else do you think is necessary?

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