Assorted Artisanal Snacks & Drinks For Parties

In conjunction with our birthday this upcoming October 10th, we’re so excited to let you know about our favourite artisanal snacks which we think would be yummy and great for your party!

Delight your guests and serve them these flavourful noshes, proudly made by Malaysians for all foodies (some of these brands also cater to parties and events):


1. Artisanal Granola Bars by Bonyu Ba 
The brand’s homemade granola bars use the finest ingredients, fresh farm eggs, baked and packed by hand, then vacuum packed to ensure freshness of the baked goods. The granola bars are also great for breastfeeding mothers who need help to increase their milk yield.

granola bar

2. Artisanal Spreads by Nuts Enough
The brand offers a variety of yummy snacks in two different ranges : “Sinfully Indulgent” and “Healthy Goodness”. It includes nut spreads, baked tortilla chips, baked goods and flavoured nuts. Spread them over your granola bars for added oomph!


3. Crunchy Fish Crackers by K-POK Keropok
Made from their own original recipe, the brand serves up thick crunchy cuts of spicy and sweet fish crackers from Kuantan, a truly Malaysian way of snacking. Dip them in sambal for more oomph!


4. Homemade Sambal by Sambal Letop
The brand offers jars of explosive, super-spicy green chilli sambal that can be eaten straight with rice, noodles, pasta, keropok… well… anything to your heart’s content!


5. Bottled Kimchi by Kimchi Jar
Specially for the fans of everything Korean, these delectable kimchi packed in mason jars are pork and alcohol free, with ingredients sourced from Halal suppliers.


6. Gourmet Popcorn by Poco Gourmet Popcorn
The brand’s handcrafted popcorns were pop in small batches and coated in rich caramel made from fresh butter, with less oil and sugar; making them more healthy.



7. Artisanal Sodas by The Tapping Tapir
The brand caters to those who truly hates artificial sodas widely sold in the market. Theirs are all natural sodas simply made from real fruit juices, spices and herbs; nothing artificial, just 100% real.


8. Malaysian-flavoured Sodas by Pop The Soda
The local indie soda brand highlights local culture and flavours. Their packaging was inspired by the olden days of Malaya, a unique trait that’s instantly identifiable.


9. Gourmet Sparkling Drinks by Carbonista
Packed in old-fashioned recyclable glass bottles, the sodas are unfiltered and non-alcoholic. It is normal that some sediments may be seen at the bottom of bottle.


10. Packed Fruity Drinks by Homade Beverage
The brand offers cooling, freshly made lemonade and passionade fruit juice packed in an easy to carry packaging, which is especially perfect if you have children at your party and worried if glass bottles could hurt them.



11. Soft Serve Ice Creams by SoftSrve 
Soft serve is a type of ice cream that is softer than regular ice creams as a result of air being introduced during freezing. SoftSrve’s cotton candy and popping candy featured in the ice creams make them the highlight at your party!


12. Artisanal Popsicles by Pops Malaya
The brand’s fruity popsicles are made from real fruits, fresh herbs and spices, and organic sugar cane. Rest assured that the popsicles are 100% handmade with zero preservatives and flavourings.


13. Gourmet Japanese-style Puddings by Sweet Montage
Inspired and influenced by prominent Japanese pastry chefs, the brand offers high-end Japanese-French-style, all-natural gourmet soft puddings with local and regional twist made using authentic Japanese dessert-making skills and techniques.


14. Gourmet Marshmallows by Huey & Wah
The common ingredients found in the brand’s natural marshmallows include gelatin, sugar, icing sugar, corn starch, salt, lemon juice. Please note that their marshmallows are also made using bovine/goat gelatin.


15. Handmade Yogurt by Ai Yogurt
The high quality, locally made artisanal yogurts are handcrafted by qualified Food Technologists with experience of over 30 years who are directly involved in yogurt industry. The texture is creamy and silky smooth, with a perfect balance of sweet sour. Best served with fresh fruits.



Which one awakens the foodie in you? Share with us below or on Facebook!

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