Artisanal Jams For The Health Conscious

Eating better has become much easier with the mushrooming of artisanal health food products in Malaysia. Perhaps, we are getting more health-conscious than before and the market is reacting to consumer demands. Even if you do not normally lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s never too late to start.


Why not improve your breakfast with healthier jam without artificial additives and minimal sugar? Try out these delicious artisanal jams made by Malaysians:

1. Honeydew with Lavender by Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread (RM18)
I’ve always loved the taste of honeydew and the smell of lavender, so I was intrigued how this combo will taste like. This spread is tangy and quite sweet; best enjoyed with toast, crackers, scones, or as ice cream topping.


2. Cookie Dough Cashew by Nuts Enough (RM28)
For those of you who used to sneakily eat cookie or cake dough when your mom was baking, this cookie dough cashew spread might relive your childhood memories. The spread’s texture is slightly oily from the nuts. The smell of nuts is strong with a hint of dark chocolate. I like that it doesn’t taste too sweet. Best enjoyed with toast, scones or on its own (which I did!)*Please note that this product may contain traces of peanuts and other tree nuts.


3. Papaya and Orange with Peels by Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread (RM18)
I have a love-hate relationship with papaya; I found the taste and smell to be slightly unusual. However, this spread isn’t like that. It has a balanced, sweet taste and I especially like chewing on the peels. Best enjoyed with toast, crackers, or scones; and you can even use it as relish for meat.


4. Peanut Butter Chunky Sugar-free by Carver’s Nut Butters (RM14)
I’m not exactly a fan of peanut butter. Commercial peanut butter tend to be too sweet and and dry, which makes my throat uncomfortable. However, I’m delighted by Carver’s version of peanut butter which doesn’t taste sweet (I don’t have a sweet-tooth). I like that the spread is oily (not dry) hence making a chunky peanut butter easy on my throat.


5. Banana with Vanilla Bean by Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread (RM18)
I like that there’s vanilla bean in its original form in the spread – you can see little spots of black spots from the vanilla pod! As I’m a huge vanilla, I’m pleased with the strong vanilla taste. Thanks to the banana cunk, the spread has a natural sweetness to it. Best enjoyed with toast, crackers, waffles, muffins, pancakes, or stirred into oatmeal.


6. Cashew Butter Smooth Sugar-free by Carver’s Nut Butters (RM20)
This spread makes me feel just like eating cashews but in a liquid form. Consisting of only two ingredients, it has a strong smell of roasted cashews and is slightly salty. I like that its rich with cashew and not too chunky.


7. Almond Butter Smooth Sugar-free by Carver’s Nut Butters (RM23)
Like the other spreads by Carver’s, there is oil separation occurring due to lack of unhealthy hydrogenated agents. This spread is also slightly salty, rich in almond and not overly chunky.


Which of these lovely spreads caught your fancy?

Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread is made from all natural ingredients and contains all fruit. There are no artificial additives and no water is added in the cooking process. Handmade in small batches, their spreads are gently cooked in the fruit’s own natural juices to preserve the sweet aroma and texture. It’s low in sugar (they use organic raw sugar), full of fruit flavour and fresh in taste.

Nuts Enough offers a variety of yummy snacks in two different ranges : “Sinfully Indulgent” and “Healthy Goodness”. It includes nut spreads, baked tortilla chips, baked goods and flavoured nuts. All their products are made with one thing in mind: minimise the nastiest without skimping on taste.

Carver’s Nut Butters is dedicated to carefully selecting premium ingredients that create flavourful, all-natural and healthy food. Their aim is to produce goods that contain immense benefits so you can rest assured that every jar you take home is made with quality, fresh ingredients with plenty of love.

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