APP REVIEW: Myfitnesspal tracks your calories & weight

There are thousands of apps in the market but few are life-changing. I am at lost without Evernote which had greatly improved my productivity. Then there is MyTeksi which gave me a peace of mind as I know I can get a reliable taxi anytime, anywhere. Now, I found Myfitnesspal.myfitnesspal Myfitnesspal is a calories counter, diet and exercise journal. To set the record straight, I don’t totally believe in counting calories as food is much more than numbers. Food provides nourishment to the body and soul; I endeavour to eat nutrient-dense food and enjoy them. However, I cannot deny that keeping a food diary has help me tremendously in seeing my eating pattern. In a span of few days, when I’m busy, I notice that I eat a lot worse than I thought.


After using this app for more than a month, here are a few things I find most useful about it. I’ve been recommending this to all my friends and to you.

Help you count calories to lose, gain or maintain your weight
Whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight, this app can help you. As you key in your goal weight and activity level (i.e sedentary or active), it counts that calories you will need to achieve your goal.

My daily goal is 1750 calories a day, which is much more above my normal intake. Knowing this has pushed me to include more calories and nutrient dense food such as cheese, dark chocolates and freshly squeezed orange juice.


Predict how much weight you will lose or gain
It also tells you how much you would weight in the future if you manage to follow the controlled calories intake. For a goal-oriented person like me, it helped me to reach my target calories daily.myfitnesspal


See a pattern of your less-than-ideal eating habits and unhealthy snacks
A record of your food intake enable you to view what you’ve been eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner and more for the past days. If you are like me, you’ll be surprise how your eating pattern is not like how you thought it is or intend for it to be. For me, I see that I don’t eat as much for breakfast than I do dinner. So I consciously plan a bigger and healthier breakfast which includes prunes and vegetable soup.


A huge database of food making calories counting a no-brainer
If this app wasn’t convenient, I know my busy schedule would have make me abandon it easily. However, I manage to keep track of my diet for a month now. I like how most of our Malaysian food can be found in it such as ikan bakar and ABC soup. It’s really just a matter of keying in what you eat. I treat it as checking in on Foursquare or going to my Facebook.


Key in your exercise and measure calories you’ve burned
This app also allows you to key in your exercise and tells you how many calories you have burn. They have all kinds of exercise in their database. As swimming is my main form of exercise, I keyed in ‘breaststroke’ for 30 minutes and it will be revealed to me this activity will burn 219 calories. It’s almost like I lost a bowl of rice I ate. So if you’re on a mission to lose some pounds, it’s okay to eat more if you will lose the calories through exercise. If you plan to gain weight, you know you have to eat a little more after that workout.


Share diet plan with your friends
You can choose to share your food diary with your friends. Under Diary Settings’, you can set your food log to private, public, friends or allow access to anybody with a password. I’m currently sharing my diary with my very fit sister. Looking at her updates inspires me to eat better and exercise more.


There are plenty of other features in this app which I found to be extremely useful. Do check it out and let me know how you like it.

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