APP REVIEW: 3 free collage maker you should download

We all love sharing photos in social media sites. Occasionally, we want to combine several photos into one. That is when we need a good collage maker app. I’ve rounded up three apps that are currently in my phone.



1. InFrameCut ($ 1.99 or RM 6.50)
This is something that I’ve been using or a long time. It lets you choose the ratio of your frame (whether you want it square, rectangular, potrait etc). Then, you can cut/divide the frame freely. A basic collage maker, it is without fancy add-ons like filters and text. Though you can adjust the width and the colour of your border. But that’s good enough for me.
Download: Apple | Android

2. PhotoGrid FREE
Recommended by my sister, this is something that gives a bigger autonomy than InFrameCut. You can add text and even apply different filters to each photo in a frame. But due to the flexibility, I find it rather complex. This is not for those who is content to put a few photos into one. But if you want to include video in your photo, this is the app for you.
Download: Apple | Android

3. PicFrame ($ 0.99 or RM 3.20 )
Introduced by Narmi, this is quite a simple collage maker which let you do a lot of things. You can contrast the photo, blur it, flip it, crop it and the list goes on. It has set frames so you don’t have to divide it yourself like InframeCut. The downside is the free version has a lot locked frames and advertisement which can be annoying.
Download: Apple | Android

What collage maker are you using?

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