Add texts to your photos! 5 free apps

We’re sure you’ve seen a lot of photos accompanied by quotes on social media. Why not create your own? We’ve round up 5 apps that let you put different fonts onto your photos. Have fun!JewelPie



Pros: Plenty of fonts to choose from. Incredibly easy to align the text, change the colour, etc.
Cons: Compare to the rest of the app, this is more complicated to use.

Download now: iphone / android

20130510-164427.jpg 20130510-164435.jpg



Pros: If you don’t want to use your photo, you can use four prepared backgrounds. There’s also a box in which you can fill in the person who said the quote; the name will appear smaller. Certain font can be made into a different colour for emphasis.
Cons: No filters available.

Download: iPhone / Android

20130510-164322.jpg 20130510-164336.jpg



Pro: Easy to use. A few filters which are almost comparable to Instagram. The font style, location and alignement is prepared, so there’s no need to choose any.
Cons: Photo cannot be cropped into a square. You have no control over the fonts; they cannot be realigned, coloured or resized.

Download now: iPhone

 20130510-164357.jpg JewelPie


Pros: 10 beautiful backgrounds/theme to choose from. Enough beautiful fonts with a choice of ‘drop shadow’ enhancement.
Cons: Unless you upgrade to pro, you cannot choose the font colour.

Download now: iPhone

20130510-164307.jpg 20130510-164314.jpg

Pro: Rather intuitive layout, with nine beautiful fonts that be can be resized and aligned.
Cons: No filter available.

Download: iPhone

20130510-164343.jpg 20130510-164350.jpg

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