I'm Sara Khong. I have a small cooking school, New Malaysian Kitchen, where I teach traditional cooking at my home kitchen.

I have also written four cookbooks. You can check out my recipes and culinary tips at www.newmalaysiankitchen.com

JewelPie is where I curate my favourite things and share my thoughts on personal finance (I'm working towards financial independence using the FIRE method).

This is not a personal finance blog about penny-pinching; instead I prefer to earn more through business and grow my money through investments.

Nor is it a lifestyle blog that suggest that you spend a fortune on looking good. While I appreciate beautiful things, I indulge moderately.

I believe in enjoying the simple luxuries of life and being financially intelligent at the same time.

This is my life philosophy:

JewelPie Life Philosophy

Living a life that is joyful, simple, and with a purpose.
Turning our talents into fortune by thinking and working smart.
We believe in spending on what we have to, then saving and investing the rest.
Creating a comfortable home to do things and to be with people we love.
We want to explore our interests and cultivate fulfilling relationships.
Making nutritious food to nourish our body & satisfy our soul.
We choose fresh, whole food whenever possible, and indulge once in a while.
Celebrating and pampering our body for the wonderful things it does for us.
We strive for the kind of beauty that grows with time, and style that lasts.
Keeping our body strong and our mind peaceful.
We seek for activity and positivity in everything that we do.

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