JewelPie is a home lifestyle magazine for Malaysians. We find ideas and technology to simplify everyday living.

We experiment and simplify the best recipes from cookbooks & celebrity chefs, dabble in home projects to organize and decorate, concoct traditional tonics to strengthen the body, throw parties for friends and family, discover easy style and makeup, challenge ourselves on smarter ways on getting things done, and utilise technology to make everyday life easier.

We want to make time for all things that make life worthwhile like family, friends, dining, fashion and traveling. For work-life balance in this modern world, we believe in being smart, resourceful, and efficient.

You + Us
JewelPie is about equipping ourselves with knowledge, outsource when we can, and using tools and technology for a better living.

Despite the constrain of urban lifestyle, let’s seek for what truly matters – home, health and happiness.

JewelPie is a Bloomspice Media publication (002186149-M)