Round up: How we use Evernote for home cooking

In our past Evernote Sunday series, we showed you how we use Evernote for home cooking. Next week onwards, we’ll focus on using Evernote to organise the home. Here’s a round up!

EVERNOTE SUNDAY #2: Turn recipes from cookbooks into digital recipes

1. Keep and organise recipes
We use Evernote to keep and organise all our recipes. We like how we have all our favourite recipes in one place.


2. Turn cookbooks into digital copies
We take photos of recipe and put them into Evernote. Now you don’t need to borrow your friend’s cookbook; all you need to do is snap a photo!


3. Save recipes we’ve found online with just one click
We find a lot of our recipes online. We’ll have them saved into our Evernote recipe in just one click.


4. Email recipes from Evernote
When family and friends ask for a recipe, we’ll just search in Evernote and send them an email. evernotejewelpie3Do you use Evernote to help you cook at home? Share with us any tips below!

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