A book to help you relax and live well. By Jojo Struys

Having heard bits and pieces of relaxation advise from Jojo Struy from the radio and listened to one of her CD, I was looking forward to read her book, Jojo Struys’s Guide To Wellness.

This is not the first wellness book I’ve read. I’ve been reading countless books on holistic health, many of them considered classics such as How to live longer and better by Linus Pauling, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Ageless Body Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra. I didn’t expect to learn many new things but I was pleased to find that I was wrong.

Jojo Struys's Guide To Wellness

It’s a self-help book written by Jojo Struys, a well-known columnist, TV and radio personality. In the book Jojo touches the many problems that will affect one’s health being (e.g depression and insomnia). She lists the symptoms, suggests ways to overcome the problem and share anecdoctes on how she and the people she knows achieve a work-life balance.

The book has 203 pages and contains heaps of information that are practical and well-researched. They are separated from some photos of Jojo and her family and friends. Having read many wellness and spa books, we would have personally enjoyed more photographs that depicts relaxation such as a yogi doing dancer pose at a picturesque lotus pond. Though I like the fact that reading the book feels like talking to a friend.

Anyone who is interested in holistic and general health would enjoy the book. However, it’s a must-read for those who are often stress, depress, having self-esteem and anger problem. If you want to feel better about your mental well-being, this book would be valuable addition to your bookshelf.

Jojo Struy's Guide To Wellness

1. Practice the “I principle”
Instead of focusing your annoyance of anger on another person you feel wronged, try telling them how their actions make you feel by using the “I” principle. (excerpt from book, page 80)

Jojo gave a fine example. Don’t say: “Why didn’t YOU tell me earlier you couldn’t make it for dinner? You’re so selfish!”. Instead, say this: “I was really looking forward to seeing you tonight and it upsets me when you suddenly cancel. I really wish I had known earlier so I could have make other plans”

2. Delegate
Don’t do everything on your own. If you have a lot on your plate, think about asking for help to share the workload (except from book, page 135)

3. Don’t bottle up your emotions- express them
When you wait too long to express your true sentiments about something, or worst still, you end up calling the relationship off, your partner feels he or she was never given the opportunity to change because they did not see it coming or did not even realise you were so displease with them (excerpt from boo, page 184)

Jojo Struys

We’ve interviewed Jojo to asked about three common problems face by urbanites.
1. What is the most important key to achieving a work-life balance?
Make the positive decision to ‘work to live’ rather than ‘live to work’. There’s also a big difference between working hard and working smart. Less procrastination, prioritizing and smarter time management may help you get out of the office earlier so that you can still have a life. And, always make time for your hobbies and set aside “me time” so that its not all work and no play.

2. How to deal with stress caused by weight problem?
Learn to love yourself and accept what you cannot change. For what you can change, take proactive action. Losing weight is within one’s control. You just need to have discipline and the will to make changes. Get into a regimen and you’ll be we’ll on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

3. How to create a relaxing space at home? Name 5 things.
Soothing music, fader lights, a water feature if you have the right space for it, some plants and an aromatherapy burner with the relaxing fragrance of essential oils in the air.

Jojo Struy’s Guide To Wellness is published by MPH Group Publishing is available at all major bookstores at RM 35.90. It will soon be available as an e-book.


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