9 simple snacks, dessert and drinks using banana

Bananas are quick to ripe. When they bright yellow skin starts to turn spotty, there are plenty of ways to use them to make snacks, dessert or drinks.

1. Gluten-free banana pancake
Using only bananas and eggs, you can make a flour-less pancake.

banana pancake

2. Banana cinnamon toast
For a quick and healthy breakfast, slice banana on at bread, sprinkle with cinnamon and toast it in the oven.

banana cinnamon toast

3. Peanut-butter banana ice-cream
Make healthy ice-cream without an ice-cream maker.

Peanut Butter Banana Ice-cream

4. Oreo banana milkshake
Bananas add fibre and texture to a milkshake. Try our Oreo banana milkshake.

oreo banana milkshake 4

5. Banana chips
Banana can be turned into chips too.

banana chips

6. Banana strawberry ice-cream
Using a fruit ice-cream maker, fruits can be made into ice-cream- like consistency.


7. Smoothie
We like packing fruits in ziplock bag and pop the content in the blender for a quick smoothie. Banana makes an appearance in this recipe.

JewelPie's Instant Smoothie

8. Bailey’s Banana Chocolate Ice-cream
Shannon from Just As Delish showed us how to make Bailey’s banana chocolate ice-cream without an ice-cream maker.

Baileys Chocolate Ice-Cream

9. Banana yoghurt with nuts and chia seeds
We like to put sliced banana into our daily yoghurt. It’s great with nuts and seeds.

banana yoghurt nuts

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