9 ideas for modern lunar new year decor

My family home adopts a very oriental and traditional decor – dragon carved from jade, cherry blossoms in blue porcelain vase, scrolls of chinese painting, fire crackers and huge prosperity knot hanging on the wall, and even a cast iron antique which belonged to my great grandmother.

My place on the other hand is minimalist and modern, with more books than ornaments. This lunar new year, I prefer a subtle touch of festivity. The decor should be understated yet auspicious. Here is 10 great ideas to infuse an oriental mood into your home, in a modern and beautiful way.

1. Red peonies in glass jar
Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor in the chinese culture and featured extensively in chinese art. They look elegant in modern glass jars. If you want a more oriental look, place them in a porcelain vase instead. (Photo credit)

modern lunar new year deco

2. Dragonfly
Dragonfly is a symbol of prosperity, harmony and a good luck charm. It can be used as a theme instead of the typical dragon and phoenix. The shape is relatively easy to make (Photo credit: Casa sugar)

modern lunar new year deco02

3. Red candles and tabler runner
Candles exudes a sense of peace and warmth in any space. Get some big pillar candles and wrap them with red ribbons

modern lunar new year deco10

4. Paper flower pom poms
These tissue pom pom add pizzazz to any party, not just lunar new year. It’ll be perfect for Valentine’s or Christmas too. (Photo credit) . Here’s a tutorial on how to make tissue pom-poms .

modern lunar new year deco06

5. Wreath
We normally do not hang wreath on the door, instead we like to paste auspicious words. But I think this is quite a refreshing idea.

modern lunar new year deco05

6. Mandarin oranges in bamboo steamer
Arrange mandarin oranges in bamboo steamer for more oriental feel.

modern new year deco

7. Orchid with ornaments
Hang auspicious ornaments on a beautiful orchid

modern lunar new year

8. Soup spoon tied with red ribbon
We love how these fortunate cookies are presented; on white spoons tied with red ribbons. modern lunar new year deco04

9. Auspicious water
Create simple labels to wrap around water bottles

modern lunar new year deco01

Are you celebrating lunar new year? If yes, how do you plan to decorate your house? Let us know at the comments below or join our conversation at Facebook.

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