8 bread makers below RM 500

Before bread makers became popular, we used to make bread and pizza dough by hands. While it may be easy, the process of kneading requires a lot of energy. Naturally we are looking at some bread makers that will let us enjoy homemade fresh bread with less effort.

1. TAKADA breadmaker
This bread maker has 12 different baking programs and the delay timer can be preset up to 13 hours. It also comes with option of baking light, middle or dark color crust and with its thermal insulated casing design and non-slip bottom. The package also contains accessories like hook, measuring cup and spoon.
RM 275
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2. Lebensstil Bread Maker 550g LKBM1102W
Powered by 530W, this bread maker can make 550g loaf sizes selection at one time. It comes with five different preset baking programs from basic, whole wheat, quick, dough and bake with a step by step recipe. Included in this package are non-stick bread pan and kneading blades to assist your bread making. It comes with the option of a 15 minutes auto timer function and 1 hour keep-warm function to prevent the bread getting moist and soggy.
RM 199

Breadmaker Malaysia

3. Breville Bread Maker BBM100 – White
This bread maker by Breville has 12 digital programs and a guided instruction manual complete with basic recipes. With rapid bake function, you can have your bread ready within 2.5 hours. Bakes 750g and 1kg loaves, this baker has 23 automatic programs to choose from for a variety of bread and dough, including gluten free programs.
RM 488

breville Breadmaker Malaysia

4. ELBA Bread Maker EBM-8380
Customise the crust colour and loaf size for your bread, and choose one of 12 programmes to get your bread to bake just the way you want it to. The bread maker comes with a measuring spoon, a measuring cup and a hook for removing the kneading blade, for your convenience.
RM 349

elba Breadmaker Malaysia

5. Kenwood Bread Maker BM260 White
This machine can be used to bake a 500g, 700g or 1kg loaf – and there are 11 baking programs to choose from. The eco cycle will bake a loaf in just 85 minutes, or you can use the premium cycle to make a loaf in just over 3.5 hours. And not only can you use it to bake a fresh loaf every day, you can try out recipes for specialty breads too, including gluten free and pizza dough. You can even use your bread maker to make jams and marmalade.
RM 499

kenwood Breadmaker Malaysia

6.Cornell Bread Maker CBM-PH30LB White
Cornell Bread Maker CBM-PH30LB is a superb product that allows you to create so many types of breads with 11 different digital programs available with it. Plus, this product is also comes with three different crust colour settings. Yes, now you may select your favourite crust for your self-made (or home-made) bread.
RM 362

cornell Breadmaker Malaysia

7. SKG Breadmaker 3920
Experiment with the breadmaker menu functions that enable you to ferment and make bread, attempt rice cakes and even bake basic cakes. You can now use the viewing window to see the progress of you baking bread, or the use the LCD display with program status. The SKG Breadmaker 3920 uses a heating tube and comes with a single mixing blade, ensuring the bread bakes evenly and thoroughly.
RM 255
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8. Meck Bread Maker MBM-2201
For those wanting to make their bread crust customised, this machine comes with three crust setting to choose from. It has a removable lid with viewing panel, allowing bread lovers to watch the whole process of dough to the edible bread. The machine has fully automatic control panel, that’s displayed on an LCD screen. For easy clean-up purposes, the kneading paddle and bread pan is easily removed.
RM 345

Breadmaker Malaysia MeckDo you have a bread maker at home or are you planning to get one?

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