8 water filters and purifiers in Malaysia

Water from the tap traveled far and wide before reaching us; water from the river passed through dam and treatment plants before being piped into our homes. Along the way, water are polluted with bacteria, viruses, pesticide, rust and other contaminants. That is why it is important to have a good water filtration system at home.
diamond water filter malaysia - classic

1. Diamond water filter
A filter that is stylish and easy to replace. It has a two-way diverter to enable the user to swap between Tap Water & Diamond Water.

Product: Diamond Classic, RM 2833
Website: www.diamond.com.my

tupperware filter malaysia RM 2750

2. Tupperware Filter
Patented technology effectively removes 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses. It claims to use only RM0.11 per litre for your family’s consumption of clean, safe, alkalinized and mineral-enhanced water.

Product: NanoNature Water Filtration System, RM 2750
Website: www.tupperwarebrands.com.my

coway water purifier RM 3800

3. Coway Water Filter Dispenser
Villaem CHP-O8AR has stronger filtration performance but lower power consumption, and is even water-temperature controllable. It has a night mode sensor which reduces power consumption when it detects dim light environment. It uses reverse osmosis with 6 steps filtration system.

Product: Water Purifier Villaem CHP-08AR , RM 3800
Website: www.coway.com.my

Buffalo Water Filter Malaysia

4. Buffalo Water Filter
Buffalo stainless steel water filter produces weak alkaline water which retains minerals and trace elements required by human body. Lifetime warranty provided.
Product: Buffalo Stainless Steel Water Filter , price unavailable
Website: www.buffaloworld.com.my

crystal water malaysia

5. Crystal Water
Crystal water filter promises to remove mold, algae and chlorine taste in water. It is warranted to be without defects for the first 12 months of its purchase.

Product: CTO1500 Drinking Water System , RM1699
Website: www.crystalwater.com.my


6. Panasonic
The alkaline ionizer produces three forms of water which is purified water, alkaline ion water and acidic water through filtration or a combination with its electrolysis process.
Product: Alkaline Ionizer TK-AS40 , RM1999
Website: www.panasonic.com


elba water filter

7. Elba Water Purifier
This water filter produces mild alkaline water using ultra filtration method. With it, you can dispense cold or hot drinking water immediately.

Product: Alba model EWP-B2012, RM 1900
Website: www.elba.com.my


philips water purifier

7. Philips water purifier
Pure water or no water with Power UV+ remove’s bacteria, virus, cysts and improves the taste of water at your convenience. Pure Protect Lock locks dispensing of water when filter reaches lifetime, purifier error is detected.

Product: Pure Water Or No Water WP3892
Website: http://www.philips.com.my

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