7 Realistic Way to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Eating healthy is difficult. Food at regular stalls and restaurants contains little to no vegetables or fruits (our favorite nasi lemak comes with a few pathetic slices of cucumbers).nasi lemak

At JewelPie, we believe that nothing cannot be overcome with some creativity and determination. We came up with some simple and realistic ways in which you can increase your consumption of nutritious fruits and vegetables when you eat out.

1. Vegetable or fruit juice / citrus flavored water Instead of coffee or carbonated drinks, order a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. Carrot and orange juice are two common ones. When available, we like to order yoghurt fruit drink like mango lassi.

If the eatery does not offer juices, order teh-O ais limau (iced lime tea) or request for water flavored with lemon slices. Most restaurants have these common citrus in their kitchen.


2. Banana in bag I have a habit to keep snacks in my bag; normally a packet of biscuits or a bar of chocolate. Instead of those highly sweetened snacks, replace them with fruits like banana, apples or pear. They are small enough to put in your bag, hard enough not to get squashed and can be eaten as it is.

3. Vegetable soup as appetizer Do you realize there is a variety of vegetable soup in the western menu? If you’re eating in a western restaurant, order a bowl of vegetable soup as appetizer. Common ones are borsch, tomato and pumpkin soup.


4. Dessert with fruits Many western and local desserts alike has a good portion of fruits. Pick fruit-based desserts like mixed fruit salad, mango pudding, fruit cake or apple crumble pie. At mamak, roti pisang makes a delicious and healthy choice.

5. Side plate of vegetable or salad Most eateries do not serve enough vegetables in their dish. You can always request for extra vegetables in your wanton noodles. At restaurants where you order separate dishes, add an extra plate of vegetables like stir-fry bok choy, spicy acar, ulam or salad on top of your main meal.salad

6. Snack on fruits We like to snack on tidbits when we’re out. Corn in cup, Famous Amos cookies and keropok lekor are among our favorite. Instead of buying those, visit a fruit stall and get your hands on some crunchy guavas or sweet papayas instead. They are equally delicious especially with asam (plum powder).raisins

7. Keep dried fruits on work table Not only do they have a relatively long shelf life and easy to snack on, they retain most of the nutritional value of fresh fruits. We love dried apricots, longan, raisins and dates.

Do you have any tips to eat more fruits and vegetable? Share with us on the comments below or Facebook!

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