7 creative candle holders from common items at home

We love creating a relaxing and cosy home. One sure way to improve the ambience is lighting candles. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an expensive practice. At IKEA, a packet of 100 tea light candles is merely RM 12.50; each candle is only about 13 cents. Each candle burns for about 4 hours. You don’t even need a special holder. Many things that we can find at home can be used to hold tea light candles. We think it’s a steal, especially when it relaxes you after a long day at work!
1. Paper egg tray
The next time you buy eggs, don’t throw the tray that hold them. Each of them fit one tea light candle perfectly.


2. Tuna can
Can you believe the below candle holder is made from Ayam Brand tuna can? When you take the label out, cans can look very attractive.

tuna can

3. Paper muffin cups
Muffin cups is good to hold cupcakes as well as candles. Best of all, they come in many pattern and colours.


4. Silicone muffin cups
You can also use silicone muffin cups which is safer as they are less flammable.

4. Glass jar and beans
Remember how we organise and beautify our cosmetic table? We did the same to our candles.


5. A bowl with water
Fill a glass bowl with water and float a candle on it. If you can, put a few flowers to make it prettier.


6. Oranges
We made mandarin oranges into aromatherapy burner. But if you failed to light it up, you can always put a candle in it.

Mandarin Orange Aromatherapy Candle

7. Oyster shell
Even oyster shells make pretty candle holders.

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