6 things for boiling Chinese soup

To many Malaysian Chinese, the perfect meal is said to consist of three dishes and one pot of soup. So nutritious is a bowl of homemade Chinese soup, we try to make it as often as possible. Knowing that time is a deterrence, we shared how we made chicken herbal soup in 20 minutes. As our problems and preference are different, we rounded-up some of the many things that are needed to make Chinese soup.

1. Pot
If don’t need any fancy appliances to boil Chinese soup. Your favourite pot, whether made from clay or steel, will be good enough.


soup pot
Pacifa Soup Clay Pot (RM 159) and Ori Stainless Steel Soup Pot with Glass Lid 22cm (RM 109)

2. Slow cooker
As typical Chinese soup takes a long time to boil, a slow cooker makes a convenient machine. Instead of watching the pot of soup on the stove like a hawk, cooked it in an electric pressure cooker.

slow cooker
Midea Slow Cooker 5L (RM 159) and Panasonic Slow Cooker  3L (RM 129)

3. Thermal Cooker
One huge advantage of a thermal cooker is that, it saves electricity and gas. Using the pot from the thermal cooker, boil your soup over the stove for about 20 minutes and transfer it back into thermal cooker. The insulated cooker will continue cooking the soup at the same boiling temperature.

Thermal Cooker
Oasis Azure Thermal Cooker 7L (RM 408) and La Gourmet Thermal Cooker 7L (RM 355)

4. Free range chicken
We like our Chinese soup made from chicken and bones. Find out where to buy free range chicken online.

5. Soup packets
You don’t have to be familiar with Chinese herbs to make a pot of delicious Chinese herbal soup. Get prepackaged soup packets from the supermarket or Chinese herbal stores.

soup packets
6. Ingredients
Prefer Chinese soup made from fresh vegetables instead of dried herbs? Get some common root vegetables such as old cucumber, white radish and lotus root from the supermarket. You can order them online too. Check out online supermarkets in Malaysia.

root vegetables for soup


What is your favourite Chinese soup? Ours is arguably lotus root soup with peanuts!

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