50 Lovely Christmas Gifts Under RM50

We’ve found some pretty cool stuff if you’ve got a limited budget and a lot of gifts exchange. Delight your loved ones with these lovely items:


1. Scented Candle in a Box
Scented candle in a glass container with a decorative label, supplied in a cardboard box. Diameter 7 cm, height 8 cm. Burn time 25 hours.
H&M, RM49.90 CANDLE2. Illustration Books by Sachiko Umoto
Created by one of Japan’s most popular artists, this book provides detailed and complete instruction for illustrating fun and appealing characters and elements that celebrate life.
Snackfood, RM49.00 per book


3. Small Ink Pad Set – Pink, Yellow, Turqoise
This Yellow Owl Workshop new gem sized ink pad set contains 3 individual pigment ink for stamping on paper with crisp detail and bright hues. It’s also waterproof and non-fading.
Kasa Suasa, RM50.00


4. Gottgora Lantern for candle in metal cup, in/outdoor red
The warm light from the candle shines decoratively through the pattern on the lantern.
Ikea, RM44.90

5. Skimmer Block Candle Holder, glass, red
Mouth blown; each candle holder is shaped by a skilled craftsman.
Ikea, RM44.90


6. Symphony Christmas Small Tree Dish (‘Oh What Fun’)
Serve up yummy Xmas snacks in these special edition Christmas collection!
Aino Living, RM17.90

7. Symphony Christmas Rectangular Serving Dish
Serve up yummy Xmas snacks in these special edition Christmas collection!
Aino Living, RM29.90

8. Symphony Christmas Star Dish 2pcs Set
Serve up yummy Xmas snacks in these special edition Christmas collection!
Aino Living, RM27.90

9. Symphony Christmas Tree Dish 2pcs Set
Serve up yummy Xmas snacks in these special edition Christmas collection!
Aino Living, RM39.90

10. Symphony Christmas Side Plate
Serve up yummy Xmas snacks in these special edition Christmas collection!
Aino Living, RM23.90



11. Strawberry & Rose Water Preserve
Indulge in the Strawberry and Rose Water Preserve infused with a generous harvest of delectable strawberries and hint of rose water for the taste of summer all year round. Whole strawberries are cooked very gently by hand in traditional copper pans to preserve the fresh and summery aroma in this delicious preserve.
Crabtree & Evelyn, RM33.00

12. Organic Peppermint Tea (10 Sachets)
A full-flavoured peppermint infusion to refresh and soothe you throughout the year. This herbal tea will aid your digestion – and it tastes great too.
Crabtree & Evelyn, RM23.00


13. Exclusive Handmade Elderflower Lemons Drops
Make your breath or your loved ones’ breath smells fresher with this lemon drops.
Crabtree & Evelyn, RM45.00


14. Panda Travel Mug
Enjoy your morning commute with this adorable panda travel mug.
Topshop, RM36.00

15. Junk Food Notice Board Magnets
Prettify the fridge with these fun junk food magnets!
Typo, RM31.50mugnet2

16. World Peace & Gratitude Granola (Christmas Box)
Surprise someone with these two limited edition Christmas granolas in one beautiful gift box. This hamper contains their limited edition World Peace and Gratitude Granolas, created for health, taste, celebrations and community. 
Amazin’Graze, RM50.00


17. Omega Crackers
This delicious high in Omega 3 fatty acid treat is made from flax seed, sesame seed, pumpkin seed, a mixture of kombu and nori seaweed.
Healthy Ever After, RM35.00

18. Amazing Parfait
The Amazing Parfait is made from homemade granola, sunflower seeds, blueberry jam and cashew cream. It contains dietary fiber to regulate digestion, help control your blood sugar and will really fill you up. It’s happiness in a jar!
Healthy Ever After, RM19.00


19. Healthy Home-cooked Meal
Surprise your loved one at his/her office with a healthy home-cooked meal by Kotak Lunch!
Kotak Lunch, RM20.00

20. Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Colombia
Gift a coffee addict with this convenient Starbuck’s Ready Brew.  Just tear open a packet of Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Colombia, add hot water, wait 10 seconds, and stir.
Starbucks RM28.00



21. Lavie Premium Luxury Deer Lapel Pin
Look stylish this holiday season with the luxury lapel pin made of metal.
Zalora, RM10.00

22. Lavie Premium Luxury Bird Lapel Pin
Look stylish this holiday season with the luxury lapel pin made of metal.
Zalora, RM10.00


23. Musical Snowman Socks
This sock with glitter snowman design features a musical chip insert playing ‘Jingle all the way’.
Topshop, RM36.00

24. Hair Accessories
Look good from top with these chic hair accessories.
Topshop, RM40.00 (Mirror Shape Hair Clips), RM32.00 (Basic Hair Snaps)hair

25. Purse with Beaded Embroidery
Purse in satin with beaded and sequined embroidery on the front and a zip at the top. Lined. Size 11×13 cm.
H&M, RM49.90

26. Antique Style Bangle
Bangle in antiqued metal with a punched pattern and plastic bead. Width approx. 6 cm.
H&M, RM39.90

27. Mobile Phone Bag with Strap
Mobile phone bag in grained imitation leather with a metal neck chain, an outer compartment on one side and a decorative bow and metal fastener on the other. Size 9×13.5 cm.
H&M, RM49.90

28. 4-Pack Bangles
Metal bangles with pendants with stone-like plastic beads at the top that also work as fasteners. Adjustable length.
H&M, RM39.90

29. iPhone 6/6s Case
Hard smartphone case in transparent plastic with sparkly glass stones. Fits iPhone 6/6s.
H&M, RM49.90

30. Patterned Scarf in Powder/Floral
Scarf in an airy weave with an all-over print. Size 90×150 cm.
H&M, RM39.90hm


31.Earth Care Holiday Edition LOVE GIFT BAG
This special Christmas edition gift bag contains 1 body scrub of your choice, 1 face mask-scrub of your choice, 1 lip balm of your choice, and a complimentary gift bag and wooden spoon.
Earth Care Soaps, RM50.00


32.  Wunder Christmas Assorted Soaps/Lippies
Christmas manifests itself in the form of lovely soaps/lipglossess! Take your pick from Gingerbread Man to Christmas Tree!
Wunderbath Co, price varies


33. Limited Edition Christmas Bag
A hand-sewn, reusable drawstring bag that fits between 2 – 4 bars of soap. Doubles as wrapping paper, so you won’t need to do anything but place an order! Just choose your soaps, and they will pack it for you.
A Soap Affair, RM15 each


34.Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt (Whitening, Anti-Aging)
Each jar is freshly made by request from fresh and natural ingredients to ensure the freshness of the specially formulated body scrub.
Claire Organics, RM26


35.Winter Warmers – Christmas Pudding Body Scrub
What is Christmas without Christmas pudding? This unique blend of orange, nutmeg and vanilla perfectly captures the nostalgic indulgence of dessert right after a hearty Christmas dinner.
Be Good, RM30.00


36. Limited Edition Christmas Humbug 
It is an excellent gift this holiday season for those who oppose to chopping down firs but yearn the smell of pine in the house. The red clay replenishes and regenerates the epidermis of the skin.
The Saponifist, RM23.00


37. Modbox Beauty Box
Choose FIVE personalised beauty goodies to sample for just RM25 including FREE Delivery.
Modbox, RM25.00


38. Sephora Collection Mini Pouch – Cotton Flower
This set contains: Moisturizing shower cream, Moisturizing body milk and Pink bath flower.
Luxola, RM40.50


39. Virgin Mojito Cool Cube
Get in a round of refreshment with these travel-sized Virgin Mojito body treats. Shake up your shower routine with cool cleansing, refreshing moisture and a twist of mint-lime fragrance. Includes Virgin Mojito Body Butter 50ml, Virgin Mojito Shower Gel 60ml and Mini Green Bath Lily.
The Body Shop, RM44.00

40. Almond Manicure and Moisture Duo
Give the gift of happy hands! The almond-scented cream nurtures nails as well as hands – perfect for grooming on the go. Includes Almond Hand & Nail Cream 30ml and Nail File.
The Body Shop, RM32.80BODYSHOP


41. Star Wars – Endor (Limited Edition)
This is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who is a fan of the Star Wars lore! A soap bar that takes inspiration from the iconic scenery of the forest moon of Endor, as depicted in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
Kindersoaps, RM23.00

42. Star Wars –  Hoth (Limited Edition)
This is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who is a fan of the Star Wars lore! A soap bar that takes inspiration from the iconic scenery of the ice planet Hoth, as depicted in The Empire Strikes Back.
Kindersoaps, RM23.00starwarsoap

43. Jesus Flash Drive
Delight your religious loved ones with this Jesus flash drive.
Lazada, RM33.78

44. Sexy Lipstick Powerbank
Look stylish with this lipstick powerbank.
Lazada, RM30.00

45.Fujifilm Instax Mini Film Sticker (Little Twin Star) (10 sheets)
These stickers are suitable for Instax Mini film sizes and are versatile stickers for decoration. Also great for all occasions, they instantly spruce up your pictures!
Lazada, RM19.00


46. Laptop Decal 13inch
Cover the precious laptop with this periodic decal.
Typo, RM7.00

47. iPhone 6 Cover
Look cool and stylish while covering the precious gadget from harm.
Typo, RM21.00

48. Turn It Up Headphones
Rock out in style and comfort in these cushy headphones.
Typo, RM41.30

49. Sleep Easy Headphones
This washable and lightweight headband contains removable headphones and plugs into most audio devices with 3.5mm plug.
Typo, RM30.00

50. Kaleidoscope Phone Lens
Add on some kaleidoscope effect on your photos with this phone lens!
Typo, RM26.60


Which ones will you be getting?

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