5 ways to eat better…without being a health-freak

Losing my loved one to a fatal heart-disease, reading heaps of health books, watching documentaries such as Fat, sick and Nearly Dead and having experience ill-health due to bad diet changed my view on eating.

At one point I was behaving like what some people call a health-freak; I analysed each and every ingredients on packet food, scrambled to purchase superfood such as quinoa and chia seeds, stopped consuming dairy and other measures which might seem extreme to many.
5 ways to eat betterHowever, I soon realise that striking a balance is important in life – including diet. Hence I decided to eat well without going overly critical to what I put in my body. While convincing family members who enjoy delicious food too much to care about health, I found a few simple ways to eat better without sacrificing good food or labelled as a health-nut.

1. Quench your thirst with water instead of soda
We all know fizzy drinks or canned juices are laden with sugar and unrecognizable ingredients. However, instead of shunning them completely, I enjoy them once in a while. The important thing is seeing water as my go-to liquid when I’m thirsty. (Read: water bottle marked with time)

2. Eat more green vegetables and fresh plants
Instead of avoiding unhealthy food, I decided to focus on including more good food in my diet. I made sure I eat more green vegetables and other plants than before. (Read:  7 realistic ways to eat more vegetables and fruits )

3. Eat more fresh food, less processed food.
Eating well does not necessary means you have to be a vegetarian or give up delicious food.  Eat more real, fresh food such as BBQ chicken wings, steamed fish and black pepper steak. Eat less processed food such as sausages, nuggets and burgers from packets and fast-food restaurant.

4. Eat in more, eat out less
It’s harder to eat a balanced meal outside without paying a premium price. Make an effort to eat in more. If it’s possible to have breakfast and dinner at home, do it.

5. Pack lunch to work when you can
Consider packing lunch to work once in a while. This way, you can include more fresh food and green vegetables into your meals. (Join our campaign to pack lunch to work every Monday)

What do you do to eat better?

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