5 unique kitchenware at Homedec

Last week, we spend hours checking out new appliances, furnitures & fittings at Homedec. There are great many things that caught out eyes, like fibre pool, shiny gold sink and the biggest fridge we’ve ever seen (Follow us on Twitter for live updates)


1) Automatic Food processor & blender, Vees
Unlike manual blender, Vees blender has a timer. We like how a click of a button let you make a variety of things. Just click a button to make soya bean, and it would be done in 6 minutes.

2) 3 Seconds Thermo Flask Seers
Hot water in 3 seconds. We wouldn’t have believed it if we didn’t try it outself. Looks like there’s no need for an electric thermo pot.

3) BBQ Skewer, Hananavii
Now you can make satay at home. You can bring it outdoors too.

4) Hurom Slow Juicer, RM 1688
This juicer slowly pressed every last drop of juice out of fruits and vegetables. As compare to normal centrifugal blender, which chops and grates, the juice produced by this machine taste much better.

5) Foldable silicone container, Oasis Azure, RM 28.90
These flexible silicon containers can be made flat. It would save so much space.

Have you come across any unique product recently?

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