How to throw a dinner party if you can’t really cook. 5 tips.

Not being a good cook shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t throw a dinner party at home. We’ve discovered some ways to ensure there are good-enough food on the table without having years of experience in the kitchen. Here’s 5 tips to throw a dinner party without worry too much about what to serve.

1. Have a potluck party
Instead of placing all the burden to prepare dinner on yourself, plan a pot-luck party instead. Have your guest bring over some food. Tell your family and friends that it’s okay even if it’s store-bought.


2. Make simple, fool-proof recipes
Know yourself. If you’re rarely in the kitchen, a party is not the best time to test your cooking skills. Make fool-proof recipes such as our rainbow roast vegetables. More simple recipes here.JewelPie: Rainbow Roast Vegetable

3. Make food that doesn’t require cooking
Some food really just involves assembling ingredients. Try making salad, sandwich or our rainbow fruit skewers.
JEWELPIE - Rainbow Fruit Skewers


4. Make something out of a packet or can
Nobody says you have to make everything from scratch. Use canned pasta sauce to make spaghetti sauce or packet curry sauce.
canned food and premade sauce: Ibrahim, Heinz, Maggie

5. Buy or order some food
Pizza is a common food to order from party. Why not? Everybody loves it. You can also be creative and order other food like roast duck for the main meal or keropok lekor for snacks. Check out how we make a simple Merdeka tea party

JewelPie: Merdeka Tea Party

A good party is more than just delicious food. We believe people should be the focus of the party. So, don’t delay inviting your family and friends over!

Have you throw a dinner party at home?

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