5 Tips To Take Beautiful Food Photos With Your Smartphone

Remember the 5 Free Apps To Make Beautiful Instagram Photos And More article? While you may have all the apps to enhance your photos, you still need certain skills to make beautiful food photos food-stylist would approve.

This time, instead of relying on apps to transform your photos into a work of art that, why not rely on the manual skill to upgrade yourself? We have five tips for you:


1. Set up the mood
Understand your food by setting up a mood for the photo and choosing the emotion you want your photo to transmit (e.g. rustic, happy, minimalist).

We’re going for the rustic look.

2. Style with props
Most of the time your props can serve as an additional ‘flavour’ to your plain photo by adding colour, texture or other element. Enhance your photos with complementary things. For example, a photo of a fruit pancake can be shot with a container of fresh berries.

JewelPie Tips: Look around your home and see what can be used as props. It can be an unwanted egg carton or that blunt knife you intend to throw away. Be creative!

A simple pancake enhanced with props

3. Use colour playfully
Colour could psychologically affect us. Make use of colours to evoke your audience’s emotions. To add vibrance to your dull-looking photo, place food with complementary or contrasting shades next to one another. You can also add colour using things like ingredients, cutlery, tablecloth, napkins etc.

JewelPie Tips: We suggest using plates and cutlery with a pop of colour.

 We use a bowl with a contrasting colour to highlight the apples


4. Make sure there’s enough light
A good photo is incomplete without a good light. Good light does not necessarily mean a lot of light. Rather, it is an appropriate amount of it.

JewelPie Tips: We suggest taking photos during the day to make use of the natural light.

This photo makes use of natural light and a simple white background

5. Get a good angle
According to professional food photographers, the best food photography angle is straightforward angle (taken overhead or horizontal to the table). It is believed that no other angle show something in a simpler but at the same time captivating way than straightforward shots.

JewelPie Tips: We believe in finding your own style. We challenge you to find your favourite angle and make it work!

lentil soup turkish jewelpie
Turkish lentil soup taken using the overhead angle.

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