5 tips for pretty painted nails throughout your holiday

The best time to paint your nails is before going on a holiday. Not doing any chores or work with hands means our perfectly manicured nails will last much longer. Besides, we all look better holding a fresh coconut with brightly painted nails. No?

pretty nails by the beach
However, when I go for trip that last more than a few days, I wonder if nails should be painted at all when one have no access to our manicure set; no woman wants to be stranded in an island with chipped nails!

After looking at many holidays photos that could be enhanced with a few coats of nail varnish, I’ve decided we will always want to travel with pretty nails. Here are a few tips to have beautifully painted nails throughout your holidays.

5 tips for pretty painted nails throughout your holiday

1. Bring nail polish along to paint chipped nails
If you paint your nails with your favourite pink polish, pop it in your luggage bag. When your nails chips, paint another layer to cover it. If you need to pack light, paint all your nails the same colour so that you need only take one with you.

2. Keep nail varnish in a ziploc bag
You don’t want your nail varnish to spill and stain your limited travel clothes. (true story)


3. Bring nail polish remover along
If all else fails, just remove your nail colour with nail polish remover.  Bare, clean nails look much better than chipped, half-painted nails. I always carry with me a compact nail polish remover. It contains cotton pads soaked with nail polish remover solution. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find them in Malaysia yet.

5 tips for pretty painted nails throughout your holiday

4. Visit a spa for a manicure session
The easy way out, though not always the most economical, is going for a manicure at a local spa. Countries such as Bangkok and Beijing has many affordable nail spa everywhere. It’s even possible to have two person to do your nails at the same time at a very reasonable price.


5. Get gel nails
If all the above don’t seem to be a good idea to your lifestyle, consider getting a gel polish manicure before leaving on a jet plane. It can last up to three weeks without chipping or peeling.

Do you paint your nails when you travel?

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