Thoughtful & inexpensive gifts for a sick friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Truly, someone need you most when they are sick. Whether they are hospitalised or bedridden at home, it is important to give them a call. Better yet, find time to pay them a visit. Though your presence is sufficient, it’s thoughtful to bring something. Instead of fruit baskets and chicken essence, here are five thoughtful and inexpensive gifts a sick person would appreciate:


1. Plants
Instead of flowers, why not give a small houseplants? They last longer and, if you choose the right one, can help purify the air too. (Read: 3 air-filtering plants under RM 50). We love the hardy money plant which requires minimal watering. Even if you friend doesn’t have green fingers, the plant should survive.
Available at nursery or supermarkets. RM 6.

2. Tea bags
The sick are usually more ware about what they eat. If you’re not sure what you can bring, its hard to go wrong with good quality tea bags.

3. Dreamcatcher
A dreamcatcher is believed to remove bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter the mind. Wish your friend a goodnight rest with a dreamcatcher which she can hang over her bed. We love this bright coloured, hand-beaded dreamcatchers with pink feathers.
Available at Deeper Than Fashion. RM 65 (starts at RM 35)

4. Drawing pad and Sharpie
Instead of bringing magazines, get your friend  a drawing pad and some Sharpies to keep him or her occupied. Doodling can be therapeutic!
Drawing pad for RM 2.80 and Sharpie RM 2.70 each

5. Inspirational book
There are books written by people battling with crippling diseases and how they overcome it. Perhaps you friend can find strength and inspiration from these authors. We like ‘From Cancer to Ultramarathons’ by Frank Chong; its a story of how Frank ultramarathon runner despite battling with a rare form of cancer.
Available at MPH for RM 29.90

What other thoughtful gifts do you have in mind? Let us know!

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