5 things to help you look good without makeup

We stumbled upon an interesting article on Harper Bazaars on how to look good without makeup. We thought that to do so, it’s important to have great hair, curled lashes, groomed brows, smooth skin and a pair of soft lips. This is our version:

JewelPie: 5 things to help you look good without makeup

We always believe that the first step to beauty is health. Nourish your beauty from within- by regular exercise and eating well. To get rosy cheeks, you might want to try our herbal drink.  On top of that, we believe these products would help you look better without heavy makeup.

1. Panasonic hair straightener and curler from Lazada

2.  Joey Healhy Tweezer from Luxola

3. Tinted lip balm (pink blossom) from Burt’s Bee

4. Eyelash curler from Shu Eumura

5. Dr.Jart tinted sunscreen from Luxola

What do you do to make yourself look better on days you don’t put on makeup? Let us know below, on Facebook or Twitter.

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