5 lifehacks for breakfast toast

If you have a toaster at home or live on bread every morning, you’ll be amazed to see these tricks…

1. Want to make grilled cheese but you have no oven at home?
All you need is put your toaster side ways and slide in a slice of bread with cheese on top. While it might seem to be a smart thing to do, it is not. The tray to collect bread crumb does not function and burns it. Also, the toast will pop out when it’s ready and might land on the floor.


2. Like toast which are crispy on the outside and soft in the inside?
Put two slices of breads into one toaster slot. The bread will be crispy on the outside but soft and chewy in the inside.


3. Is your butter too hard to spread on the bread?
Use a grater and shred it onto your toast!


4. Burned your toast?
There’s no need to throw it away. Just scrape off the burned part with a grater.20130907-130108.jpg


5. Need to make a big batch of french toast?
Use a crockpot. Recipe here


Which is your favourite hack?

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