5 simple steps to look good in bed

Every girl like to look good whether she’s at work, at a party or at home. A girl can even look good in bed if she wants to. Here are 5 ways to feel like sleeping beauty

1. Wear pretty pajamas
While it’s comfortable to sleep in that old t-shirt you will feel a lot better in pretty pajamas. If revealing satin slips or spaghetti strap are not your thing, pick cute long sleeve pajamas and sweatpants. Check out some nightwear from H&M


2. Put on some lipbalm
Cracked lips are not only uncomfortable but can be unsightly. So keep your lippie moist with some lipbalm. Try Rosebud Strawberry Lipbalm from Luxola , Protective Lipbalm from Melvita or Cocoa butter lipcare stick from Bodyshop



3. Brush your hair
Messy hair and bedhair are two different thing. Keep your hair combed nicely before going to bed. We love this Paddle hair brush from Bodyshop and Acca Kappa brush from Parkson.

brush your hair

4. Make sure your skin is smooth and hairless
Unfortunately, the only hair that is considered beautiful on woman is on her head. Make sure everywhere else is smooth and hairless. Try Braun epilator from Zalora, Veet hair removal cream or Body Naur wax strip from Guardian

smooth and hairless


5. Put on some fragrance
We’re not talking about perfume like Chanel no.5. Instead we encourage wearing solid perfume with essential oil or scented body cream. If you choose scent like lavender and chamomile, it can even aid your sleep. Try Jurlique tranquil blend, Bisou Rose’s Provence Solid Perfume and Asian Potion’s  scented aromatheraphy potions Lavender Rosemary.


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