5 Simple, Healthy & Impressive One-Dish-Meal – Asian-style

One-dish meals are not only fast to prepare; it also means less plates to clean. It’s perfect for busy women who still want to cook at home.

This week, we spent hours on the net searching for the healthiest, easiest and impressive one dish meal. Our requirement is that they contain a balance amount of meat and vegetables, short list of ingredients and will make your family and friends go ‘wow’.

We’ve tweaked some of the chosen recipe to make it even healthier and easier. Here are the recipes which made it into our list!

1.Mixed seafood on crispy noodles
This dish is popular in Malaysian and Singaporean hawker stalls. The combination of thick gravy and crunchy noodles are delicious. We love that this dish contains fresh seafood like prawns and vegetables. It’s not hard to cook at all! (via Noobcook)

5 Healthy One-dish-meal, Asian style

2. Pineapple fried rice
This fried rice does look impressive in the pineapple shell. However, we figured we can served it on a nice bowl and replace fresh pineapples with canned ones for an even faster meal. (via Rasa Malaysia)

5 Healthy One-dish-meal, Asian style

3. Claypot chicken rice
Healthy ingredients like chicken breast, ginger, mushrooms and scallion are used in this recipe. But we think it’s lacking in greens. We suggest adding some long beans to it. (via Rasa Malaysia)

5 Healthy One-dish-meal, Asian style

4. Curry chicken noodles
We should try to include spices into our diet and one of the most delicious way is curry chicken noodles. We love that potatoes and tofu puff is used. For a healthier version, we suggest adding brinjals and replacing the coconut milk with cow’s milk. (via Noobcook)

5 Healthy One-dish-meal, Asian style

5. Fish congee
Much to our chagrin, congee normally has too little vegetables. That’s why we’re delighted to have found this recipe which uses frozen peas. Be generous with the ginger and spring onions.

We also love that we’re using one of the healthiest animal protein available-fish. Use cod fish for the dose of omega E oil and carrots for beta-carotene. They are good for your eyes. (via my Lemony Kitchen)

5 Healthy One-dish-meal, Asian style

Any other one-dish meal we’ve missed? Let us know!

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